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Turkish Journal of Engineering, Sciences and Technology

2015 Volume 3 Issue 4


The Effect of The TrIbologIcal Performance of Oil LubrIcant AddItIves

Murat KAPSIZ1, Mesut DURAT1

1Sakarya University, Faculty of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, 54187, Sakarya-Turkey


Mineral motor oils are widely used today as base oils. This is introduced into the oil with oil lubricant additives performance is increased. Thus it can be used in advanced engines. However, in an internal combustion engine performance and engine improvements in expectations of rising oil must be continuous. This work has been improved with the tribological performance of the mineral content in excess of lubricant additives in motor oil. In experiments, improvements in the rate of 7-43% in the friction coefficient was determined.

Keywords: Oil additives, Reciprocating test, Engine tribology

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A Perspective Review on LTE-DRX Mechanism for Power Saving

Pitchaimuthu Arunagiri1 and G. Nagarajan2

1 SCSVMV University, Kancheepuram,India

2 Department of Electronics and communication Engineering, Pondicherry engineering college, India


The Long Term Evolution (LTE) is an emerging standard for wireless communication. This radio policy technique permits the service provides to attain even higher acme throughputs than High Speed Packet Access + in higher scalable bandwidth. The user equipment (UE) power saving mechanisms need much research attention, for improvement in life time. Long term evolution (LTE) supports Discontinuous reception mechanism (DRX) to preserve the battery power and to increase the life time of the user equipment. In addition, there are supplementary returns in utilizing Discontinuous Reception (DRX), namely air resource saving on both the uplink and downlink to augment by and large system competence. Such advancement over 3G wireless systems enables LTE DRX mode even when the user equipment is registered with the evolved node-B. on the other hand, it  necessitates to optimize the DRX parameters, so that network re-entry is avoided and  power saving is obtained in both network connected  and idle modes as suggested in LTE are discussed.

Keywords: LTE, DRX, Power saving, UE, Power saving factor PS, UE

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Comparison of Region Growing and Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) Algorithms For Liver Segmentation

Ziya Ekşi1, Emre Dandıl2, Murat Cakıroğlu3, Özdemir Çetin4

1 Department of Computer Engineering, Sakarya University, Sakarya, 54182, Turkey

2 Department of Computer Technologies, Bilecik Seyh Edebali University, Bilecik, 11000, Turkey

3 Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Sakarya University, Sakarya, 54182, Turkey

4 Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Sakarya University, Sakarya, 54182, Turkey


Computer-aided Detection (CAD) systems have become widespread along with the development of medical imaging techniques. One of the most important phases of CAD systems is the segmentation. In this study, liver segmentation is performed using Computed Tomography (CT) images. Region growing and Fuzzy C-Means (FCM) algorithms are preferred for segmentation and performance of these algorithms are evaluated. In performance evaluation, ‘Expert Opinion Similarity Ratio’ and ‘Segmentation Time’ are used as criteria. In experimental results, region growing algorithm is more successful than FCM.

Keywords: Liver segmentation, Computer aided diagnosis, Region growing, Fuzzy c-means

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The effect of renewable energy resources on regional development at the Thrace Region in Turkey

Bahtiyar Dursun1, 2

1 Energy Systems Engineering Department, Kirklareli University, Kayali Campus, Kayali, Kirklareli, Turkey

2 Energy Technology Research And Application Center, Kirklareli University, Kayali Campus, Kayali, Kirklareli, Turkey


Countries seek to increase their economic growth and development levels effectively by using their production factors. The living standards at the aforementioned regions to rise up to the desired level via regarded economic development. The main purpose of the local and regional development is to enhance underdeveloped and developing regions’ limited income level and increase the business opportunities when compared with the developed regions. One of the prominent actors in the local and regional development is undoubtedly energy. Especially, recently, the demand to the renewable energy sources usage has been increasing.  Renewable energy sources are evaluated according to their potentials. When a region has a renewable energy potential, establishing and running renewable energy sources based power plants will have positive effects on regional development. In this study, energy concept, which is one of the most important inputs of regional development, is discussed. Current usage potential of the Thrace Region’s current energy sources are presented and the effects of renewable energy sources on regional development are studied when they are used.

Keywords: Regional development, Renewable energy, Thrace region, Turkey

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Hybrid Renewable Energy Alternatives For Project Type Public Library Building

Ahmet Altay1, Yusuf Alkan2 and Bahtiyar Dursun3,4,

1 Kirklareli University Department Of Knowledge Management, Pınarhisar, Kirklareli, Turkey

2 Kirklareli University Department Of Knowledge Management, Pınarhisar, Kirklareli, Turkey

3 Kirklareli University Department Of Energy Systems Engineering, Merkez, Kirklareli, Turkey 4Kirklareli University, Energy Technologies Research Application Center (Etrac), Kayali Campus, Merkez, Kirklareli, Turkey


In this study, alternatives for hybrid renewable power generating systems (HRPGS) are described and detailed information about each component of these hybrid systems is given. Some HRPGS which are applied to meet the energy demand of the commonly used project type public library service buildings are examined. In this context, the most suitable HRPGS is determined for public libraries giving service in the project type service buildings pertaining to the general directorate of libraries and publications of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, utilizing the regional energy resources efficiently. Thus, both the best option among the energy resources is determined and also efficient use of energy is realized.  In this study, Kirklareli public library is considered as the project type service building. The best HRPGS for Kirklareli public library is determined taking all the energy resources of Kirklareli.

Keywords: Public library, Renewable energy, Power generating systems, hybrid systems, Kırklareli City Public Library.

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Investigation of the Effects of Water Injection into the Diesel Engine on Performance and Emissions

Vezir Ayhan1, İdris Cesur1, Adnan Parlak2 , İbrahim ÖZSERT1

1 Sakarya University Technology Faculty 54187, Esentepe, Sakarya, Turkey

2 Yildiz Teknik University, Istanbul


This paper investigates the effects of water injection into charge air during inlet period on the performance and main pollution emission of naturally aspirated, direct injection, water-cooled diesel engine. The water has been collected in a common rail at 3-bar pressure and injected into the cylinder of different rates during inlet period with electronic control unit. The fuel consumption was measured and the data collected was transferred to microprocessor. Fuel rack position potentiometer data and speed data also was transferred to microprocessor for a base data of standard diesel engine. After the standard values of the engine obtained, different water rates (W10, W20 and W30) was sent into the chargeair. The value of injected water was consumed via the microprocessor which fuel consumption, fuel rack position and engine speed values of the standard engine data were saved. After the tests, the measured emissions and performance values were compared with the standard values. From the results, it is determined that the engine torque and the effective power increase up to 2.7% at 2200 rpm, specific fuel consumption (SFC) and effective efficiency improves up to 4.8 % at 1400 rpm, NOx emissions reduce up to 55% at 2200 rpm.

Keywords: Diesel engine,Water injection, NOx emissions and engine performance

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